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Wado! Thank you for visiting my page!
I have been blessed with a creative drive and a mind filled with ideas. Having a heritage of Cherokee, Lumbee, Irish-American and African-American I have always been culturally aware and inspired by ethnic and exotic art and jewelry.

At a young age I learned how to bead, sew, and crochet. My mother Peggy (aka Maggie) was also a seamstress when I was younger. She taught y sister and I how to make our own Barbie clothes and to crochet small scarves. We also had the pleasure of creating our own Christmas ornaments and decorations. For Powwow season, we would cut out our skirts and shirts for our regalia and we pinned and sewed the ribbons on our shawls, all done with the watchful hawk-eyes of our seamstress mother. This was for practice and learning. Beading and sewing were fun tasks that utilized our creativity.
As you can see, I love to raw and paint and I decided to merge the two in my Wood Earring art and my glass rings. In each of my jewelry categories a part of my story is told. From the elegance of Pearl and Crystal jewelry, to my laid back Retro and Bohemian style, to my Multiracial heritage in my ethnic and exotic jewelry.
So please enjoy and be inspired by a unique fashion for style and culture that I hand make and create.

Wado! Thank you very much!

Athena Rose
Owner and Designer of Athena's Rose

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